Automated AI Accessibility Software

We partner with AccessiBe to provide accessibility software that can automatically apply technical changes to your website to enhance the inclusivity of it.  The software works by utilising two applications that work together, a user-interface for your website and AI-powered processes.

Whilst not a replacement for fully implementing accessibility changes across the site, it can automate the changes required by different users as well as create an accessibility statement and monitor it to ensure continued compliance, saving time and effort.  Once installed the software operates on an annual license and as a partner of AccessiBe we can offer discounted pricing.

The benefits of installing the software onto your site include:

Accessibe Toolbar

Fully Customisable and Adapts to your Design

  • Discounted Pricing – As a partner we can offer you a 10% discount on the annual price of the software.

  • Compliance – Helps you work towards complying with WCAG 2.1 at a AA standard.

  • Fast Updates  – The AI solution will automatically resolve site issues without changing the look and content of the site within 48 hours from installation.

  • User Toolbar – It adds a branded toolbar to your site to allow users to make adjustments automatically in line with their needs – click the icon top right to see it in action.

  • Success rate – This software is used by 100,000’s of companies and has the highest industry success rate.

  • Accessibility Statement – It automatically creates an Accessibility Statement to meet WCAG 2.1 AA.

  • Maintenance – It re-scans the website every 24 hours to fix any errors with the site which can effect its accessibility.

  • Free trial –  Want to see it in action?  We can implement a 7-day free trial before you commit to the software.  Get in touch for more information.


AccessiBe FAQs

No, a tool like AccessiBe used in isolation cannot make your site fully accessible.  This is because it cannot fix every accessibility issue on a website (such as coding issues) or those on other content such as PDF’s held on the site.

We recommend that an accessibility audit is undertaken first then, once the issues identified have been addressed, the software can be installed to further improve the site experience for a wider range of users, create an accessibility statement and help monitor and maintain compliance.

There are a lot of web accessibility tools that can be used for free, however in our experience they don’t cover the variety of solutions offered by AccessiBe and you could find yourself installing several other plugins to achieve the results you want.

Yes, you do not need to go through us to purchase Accessibe, however as a partner we can offer a discounted rate.  We also have the skills to set up the tool correctly on your site for a small fixed fee.

A tool like AccessiBe cannot cover every single area, for example it doesn’t create captions for videos or remediate PDFs or SVG formats.

However as part of our support to you we use other methods to audit and provide solutions to apply accessibility requirements to Videos and PDFs.

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