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A snapshot of your brand’s position

How strong would you say your brand is? Does it visually resonate with or engage your customers? Does your brand communicate your values? How well does it differentiate you from your competitors? Is it being used consistently across your marketing activity? Importantly, does it attract your ideal customer?

If that’s made you wonder or you’ve been thinking about the strength of your brand recently, then why not take the Brand Clarity Scorecard survey to help you understand the strength and reach of your brand more.

What you need to do?

Complete the 25 questions with simple yes / no answers and you’ll receive insights on how well (or not) your brand is performing for you.

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What does the Scorecard look at?

The scorecard is broken in to 5 pillars:


Understand how your customers connect with your brand and what they perceive are your key differentiators.


Ensure the USPs of your brand are consistently communicated to your customers and prospects through all your marketing activities and by all employees.


Make sure your brand attracts the right customers and answers their needs.


Have a brand that you are proud of and safeguard  it so that it can evolve and grow with your business.


Identify how your business is clearly differentiated from your competitors in terms of your brand, positioning and messaging with USPs clearly defined and communicated.

The results of the survey will identify how well your brand scores. To help you maximise these results and drive greater brand awareness and revenue for your business one of our brand experts will be in touch to discuss the findings to see how we can help your brand be even stronger.

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Who are the brand experts?

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Business growth advisors

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Marketing and Branding strategy

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Design and Creative

Together we offer three high quality workshops that delve into your brand, understanding your competitors and ideal customer, looking at your USPs, marketing strategy and tactics and drawing up with you, a plan of action for the short, medium and long-term future.

Our aim is to aide your business to have a fantastic brand, that resonates with your customers, engages them, differentiates you from your competition and one that enables your business to reach more customers and grow.

For more information please contact us on 01793 766040.

Listen to the Brand Clarity Podcast

Listen in as Peter Quintana, Helen Moloney and Rich Kersey discuss the importance of marketing and creativity when building a brand.

Touching on consistency, brand guidelines, customer experience and much more…

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Build a Brand event - 25th February

All this in the time is takes to have a coffee

Taking the Brand Clarity Scorecard will only take you 5 minutes. This video demonstrates how easy it is.

Why not grab a coffee and do it now?

See how your brand scores

A Partnership to continue Mary’s legacy

The Branding Scorecard was conceived initially by Mary Cook, aka The Branding Coach, who tragically passed away from cancer in 2019 before she had the chance to launch the scorecard. hgkc collaborated with Mary sharing her excitement about the scorecard and were determined to bring this part of her vision to fruition and deliver on her legacy.

After reaching agreement with her partner to licence the scorecard, in exchange for a commission to her estate, hgkc joined forces with All Things Web® and ker-Z Creative.

Together we are now honoured to be able to offer businesses this unique opportunity to understand the strength of a brand.  Complete your Brand Clarity Scorecard today and let us help you grow your brand with impact.

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