Tailored AdWords Training – 5 Features and Tips you may not know about

Like all of the Google products, AdWords is an ever changing creature with multiple features to enhance the way you use it, see data and optimise your campaigns to get the most clicks for your money. It can be hard to keep up with all of these things especially if you are running your business as well as managing your digital marketing. Whilst conducting tailored AdWords training here at ATW®, we look specifically at the Adwords accounts of the business and identify where opportunities have been missed or features not used that would increase the success of the campaigns. Mentoring [...]

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Importance of a Website Audit for PPC Clients

As we have previously mentioned, maintaining the health of your website with a regular audit can ensure the effectiveness of your site and identify areas of improvement. And this process is as equally important for individuals and clients who are running or considering running, pay per click (PPC) campaigns. […]

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Google Adwords and the 4 Pack

Last month Google decided to call it a day on sidebar advertising for its paid search product, known as Adwords, leaving only a top 4 Ad Pack with a few other paid ads under the organic SERP results. It came as no surprise to us that they did this, but rather than jump on the bandwagon and look to forecast in panic what will happen with PPC and organic SEO results we decided to wait until things settle and then report back. […]

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10 Ways to Prevent these Common Google Adwords Mistakes

Over the past 10 years we’ve taken over large numbers of Google Adwords campaigns and fixed the following common mistakes people make when managing their Adwords PPC: 1)      Failure to bid up (or down) on mobile 2)      Failure to group keywords correctly 3)      Failure to use the correct keyword matching 4)      Failure to deliver the user to the correct landing page 5)      Failure to split out Search and Display Campaigns 6)      Failure to use Negative Keywords 7)      Failure to use the Search Term Reports 8)      Failure to test new ads 9)      Failure to manage their campaigns weekly/daily 10)   Failure to [...]

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