22 Different Types Of Content For Your Business Blog

Not enough time, not enough in-house resources or not enough budget to outsource content creation? Whatever your reason for not producing enough quality content for your website – not having any ideas for different types of content shouldn’t be one of them. In this blog post, we take a look at the different types of content you can create, with ideas to get you well on your way to win at content marketing. […]

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What tone of voice should you adopt on your website?

Did you know that 63% of customers would buy from a company they find authentic instead of a competitor? Cohn & Wolf’s study The Age of Authenticity found a direct connection between sales and the tone of voice of brands. Your website is the first impression you make about your brand online. To have a defined voice and tone strategy is paramount for the right communication with customers. When your customers stand in front of you, it is quite easy to decide what tone of voice to use and how to change that voice if necessary judging from the reactions [...]

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Seriously, what is the point in blogging?

When we raise the subject of blogging to businesses, the response is often the same and usually along these lines: “ But, what is the point in blogging?” “Everyone says I should, but does it really work?” “I don’t even know where to begin, I don’t have anything interesting to say?” In a bid to clarify, so we are all on the same page, blogging is simply the act of creating content related to your business whilst highlighting your products, services, and expertise. It is an opportunity for you to engage with existing and potential customers on a personal level [...]

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