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One of the best things about having a passion for marketing – besides watching clients succeed with your work of course – is meeting a young budding marketer full of creativity and brand new ideas which is exactly what we saw when we met Lydia. As part of giving back to the community, we took on yet another year 10 student to help her get some experience in the marketing world and see what it’s all about before she heads off on her GCSE’s. Take a look at how she got on here: […]

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Providing SEO Advice to Growing Businesses

As businesses focus on their growth plans for 2017 many understand the important part that digital marketing will play. None more so than the group of businesses that attended a recent workshop on SEO delivered by our Managing Director Helen Moloney in partnership with Bristol based GetSet for Growth. The workshop, which took place in their offices in January, provided the attendees with practical advice and guidance on how to build an organic online presence using SEO tactics, specifically covering the following areas: the pros and cons of adopting an organic search strategy basic understanding of [...]

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Onwards and Upwards on my Journey to a Career in Digital Marketing

Some of you may have seen that we had a little inside joke in the office on Wednesday about having my first day all over again in my ‘brand new job’. This is because I’m thrilled to announce I have finished my apprenticeship and yes, I am here to stay! If I could go back in time and tell myself how far I would have come by the end of my apprenticeship, my mind would have been blown. What a rollercoaster of a year it’s been. From piles of coursework to office baking competitions, I’ve really seen everything All Things [...]

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Get The Most Out Of Your Experience

Now I’m only one month away from finishing my apprenticeship, it is becoming clear to me how much I have actually progressed. This is not only in regards to my role at All Things Web®, but personally too. Personal development often involves skills that are generally overlooked. This month I have created a list of how I have developed in just one year. Have any of these skills affected your career too? […]

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My Work Experience at All Things Web®

My name is Daniel Hopper, throughout this week I have been doing work experience at All Things Web®. The reason I chose this area of work is because I really enjoyed the advertising aspect of the media course I studied last year in school. I aspire to work with marketing when I am older because of my interest in the creative and social media based sides of digital marketing. English has always been my favourite lesson at school and I am a keen writer, this is why I was eager to try and write my own blog post. […]

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