3 Stages to My Apprenticeship

Are you struggling to capture your dream job due to not having the correct experience or are you a college student with no experience at all? This can be frustrating as you may be showing all of the correct passion and presenting the best qualifications for the role, but when it comes down to it, experience is the greatest qualification of all. So what’s the answer? Apprentices can be defined as “a person who is learning a trade from a skilled organisation during employment”. Employers will not expect apprentices to have any experience which is why it’s the perfect opportunity [...]

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How much do you know about Apprentices?

How much do you actually know about apprentices? My first blog skimmed over this topic, and explained that I was sceptical about applying for an apprenticeship, mostly due to the fact I didn’t really know much about them besides the tales of low pay and going to college once a week. However, my experience has been very different to the rumours. This month, I wanted to use this opportunity to explain how the scheme can benefit both an apprentices’ personal and professional life using my own experiences. […]

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An Apprentice’ View of All Things Web®

Another busy month here at All Things Web® with new faces, new clients, and a new biscuit jar! I’m Amy – All Things Admin! Based in the Swindon Office, I’ll be helping to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and will be the first point of contact providing administrative support for our clients and suppliers. As part of my role, I will be assisting client managers by taking over all of the administration for our clients as well as maintaining our day-to-day business conduct including invoicing, processing expenses, managing diaries and organising meetings. As the company’s first apprentice, we are [...]

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The Team at All Things Web® Welcomes Another New Face

We have certainly been busy over here at All Things Web® in the last month filling our new office with new faces, the most recent addition to which is the wonderful Amy! We have been looking to provide an opportunity to a budding local marketer for a few months and have therefore been searching for the ideal candidate to take on the role of Business Administration Apprentice and there isn’t much else to say except Amy did blow us away. She will be taking on all of the administration tasks for the team to help us run smoothly and provide [...]

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New Larger Office for the Growing All Things Web® Team

The latest exciting news from us all here at All Things Web® is that we have recently moved into a new office. Due to our continued success and growth of the business our Highworth office sadly wasn’t big enough for our expanding team (in number not in weight) so Darren, Helen, Jess and Jess have packed up and relocated to a brand spanking new office in North Swindon. What do you think? […]

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What 7 Years as a Soaring Instructor Taught me about Web Marketing

Some of you may know that I am a keen glider pilot and have spent many highly satisfying hours soaring gliders across the skies of England, Scotland and California. In my pre All Things Web time I worked as a professional gliding instructor teaching the gliding basics to ab-initio and student glider pilots, carrying out “Top Gun” aerobatic rides as well as instructing on more advanced cross-country flights in mountainous areas. I’ve been told that I always have a gliding “war story” or two up my sleeve so I thought it would be interesting to think about what soaring taught [...]

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