Google Posts for Google My Business – What is it and how to use it?

Hopefully you have already registered your business on Google My Business. If not then before you carry on reading this blog post you need to ensure you are registered with Google My Business (GMB). Why not contact our team if you need help with this? If you already are then you may have noticed over the past few months that Google has slowly been rolling out a new feature for GMB for small business users that has caught our attention, and that is a new posts feature. When you log in to your GMB account (and select manage your location [...]

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Latest News On HTTPS – Don’t Leave Your Site At Risk

As you will have seen in our previous blogs about going secure, Google is still pushing ahead with their campaign to make the web more secure. Since their original announcement back in June 2014, they have done their best to encourage people to switch to HTTPS in a number of ways. Ranking One way was to dangle the carrot with the promise was that HTTPS would be a ranking signal. This statement was in the Google webmaster guidelines from 2014: ‘…..we’re starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. For now it’s only a very lightweight signal — affecting fewer [...]

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A Brief & Speedy Guide to Migrating a Website from HTTP to HTTPS

It shouldn’t come as a shock that Google, other browsers, and users in general want the web to be more secure. Therefore, the time is now upon us to get websites moved from HTTP to a more secure version that is HTTPS. As the latest in a long list in ranking factors, the process – and the process of doing it right – is confusing a lot of people. We therefore thought we’d take moment to discuss HTTPS and what you should be doing. […]

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Why you should Use Analytics, Search Console & Google My Business and What to Do If you can’t Access Your Google Account

So many times we have had a new client come on board and they have said I don’t have, don’t realise they have or don’t remember the password to their Analytics, Search Console or Google My Business Account. As a Digital Marketing agency this is one of the first things we look at with new clients because we understand the importance of having these systems set up, and, of course, have access to. But with a recent surge in clients not having access to their accounts, I realised that many businesses don’t necessarily understand the importance [...]

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What are AMP pages and do I need them?

As a website owner you are probably overwhelmed with the rapidly changing way that search engines work, the jargon you are bombarded with and whether each new thing is all really necessary. You may have heard people talking about AMP pages and wondered what on earth it is all about. It is actually a year since the AMP project was rolled out by Google and Twitter as an open source project to speed up the user experience on mobiles. […]

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A Guide To Getting Your Google My Business Listing Right

Have you Googled your business lately? Were you happy with the results displayed to you? If not, would you prefer to see a display that instantly gives potential customers your location with directions, hours of operation, contact details and a link to your website all in one place? Thanks to Google My Business, now you can. A free marketing tool that connects both mobile and desktop customers to businesses, find out more on what makes GMB so beneficial to business, and how to get your business listing right. […]

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The Importance of Citations for Local Search Engine Rankings

A question that many businesses ask; is how to rank locally for their chosen search terms. Google has over 250 ranking factors in its sophisticated algorithm, some better known than others. Getting citations for your business online is a part of local search strategy and is identified as being a key ranking factor. However remember that doing citations alone will not cover all of the factors that need to be addressed in your local strategy. […]

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