Latest News On HTTPS – Don’t Leave Your Site At Risk

As you will have seen in our previous blogs about going secure, Google is still pushing ahead with their campaign to make the web more secure. Since their original announcement back in June 2014, they have done their best to encourage people to switch to HTTPS in a number of ways. Ranking One way was to dangle the carrot with the promise was that HTTPS would be a ranking signal. This statement was in the Google webmaster guidelines from 2014: ‘…..we’re starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal. For now it’s only a very lightweight signal — affecting fewer [...]

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A Brief & Speedy Guide to Migrating a Website from HTTP to HTTPS

It shouldn’t come as a shock that Google, other browsers, and users in general want the web to be more secure. Therefore, the time is now upon us to get websites moved from HTTP to a more secure version that is HTTPS. As the latest in a long list in ranking factors, the process – and the process of doing it right – is confusing a lot of people. We therefore thought we’d take moment to discuss HTTPS and what you should be doing. […]

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