How to Check the Health of your Website

This may be something that would never occur to you and not surprisingly, as looking at the front end of your website you may think that everything looks in order. So what health problems might your website have and if it looks OK why should you care? Possible Health problems We have put together a list of some of the most important health problems that will affect a website’s performance from an SEO perspective and from a visitor experience point of view. There are many other factors which we have touched on in other blog posts but these are the [...]

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Should you be Maximising the Benefits of Schema Markup on your Website?

As the internet evolves into the Semantic Web, it may have not escaped your notice that Schema Mark-up data is increasingly being used by search engines in their results pages to display what is known as “Rich Snippets”. This is already significantly affecting search engine results and maximising opportunities to attract more users to your site. Marked up data is likely to exert an even stronger influence over results in the coming years ahead which can only benefit you even more. […]

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How to Improve User Journey and Experience on your Website

Have you ever gone to a website only to become very frustrated because you can’t find what you are looking for? Or the functionality falls short of the mark? Chances are yes you have. And usually you will exit that website pretty sharply to find an alternative source for the information or product you want. This is clearly not what you want your potential customers doing when they come to your website. […]

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What 7 Years as a Soaring Instructor Taught me about Web Marketing

Some of you may know that I am a keen glider pilot and have spent many highly satisfying hours soaring gliders across the skies of England, Scotland and California. In my pre All Things Web time I worked as a professional gliding instructor teaching the gliding basics to ab-initio and student glider pilots, carrying out “Top Gun” aerobatic rides as well as instructing on more advanced cross-country flights in mountainous areas. I’ve been told that I always have a gliding “war story” or two up my sleeve so I thought it would be interesting to think about what soaring taught [...]

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3 Things to Think About When Buying Domains

        A number of All Things Web clients have recently been approached by companies offering them domain names available to buy for a somewhat hefty fee. In most of these cases when we have investigated the domains on offer to assess their true value we have found them to be worthless in terms of the benefits they would bring to the client from a search point of view. […]

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5 SEO Myths you shouldn’t believe

I regularly hear from businesses and other marketing professionals about what will improve the visibility of their website positions with Google.  Some are true but unfortunately many are SEO myths, bandied around for so long they have become true urban legends. I have therefore pulled together the 5 most common of these SEO Myths to set the record straight once and for all. […]

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A Useful Website Migration Checklist – Avoid these Common Pitfalls

  If you are moving your website to a new platform, there are a few things to consider before you start. Most good web designers and developers will have a proper website migration checklist that they follow, however, if they aren’t experienced and are not talking about some of the things I mention below, you need to get an SEO company involved. This will be especially important if you rely heavily on your website for leads or revenue conversions. Working in this industry I have seen too many companies lose traffic and sales after a poorly executed site migration. [...]

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Website Content Ideas – 10 Easy, Fast Ways to Generate Content for your Website

It goes without saying that quality content on a website is the most important thing to get right. From a user perspective – to capture and keep your audience, and from a web marketing point of view. I want to look at the different types of content that can be generated on a website to help you plan your content, think outside the box and get your creative juices flowing: […]

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Effective Infographics as link bait – Lynx Effect to your Target Audience

From the Lynx TV Advert. Courtesy of   Can you get your bikini clad target audience running down the beach to swarm your lynx effect infographic? Or is ‘infographics’ just a buzz word, punted about amongst web marketers to keep their graphic designers busy? Is there real marketing value in these ‘graphics with information’? The answer is YES! But only if it is done right. Does Google like infographics? - Google will like anything that adds value to a website in terms of what it offers to its visitors as useful content. Having different types of content [...]

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