Tailored AdWords Training – 5 Features and Tips you may not know about

Like all of the Google products, AdWords is an ever changing creature with multiple features to enhance the way you use it, see data and optimise your campaigns to get the most clicks for your money. It can be hard to keep up with all of these things especially if you are running your business as well as managing your digital marketing. Whilst conducting tailored AdWords training here at ATW®, we look specifically at the Adwords accounts of the business and identify where opportunities have been missed or features not used that would increase the success of the campaigns. Mentoring [...]

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Should you be Maximising the Benefits of Schema Markup on your Website?

As the internet evolves into the Semantic Web, it may have not escaped your notice that Schema Mark-up data is increasingly being used by search engines in their results pages to display what is known as “Rich Snippets”. This is already significantly affecting search engine results and maximising opportunities to attract more users to your site. Marked up data is likely to exert an even stronger influence over results in the coming years ahead which can only benefit you even more. […]

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A Useful Website Migration Checklist – Avoid these Common Pitfalls

  If you are moving your website to a new platform, there are a few things to consider before you start. Most good web designers and developers will have a proper website migration checklist that they follow, however, if they aren’t experienced and are not talking about some of the things I mention below, you need to get an SEO company involved. This will be especially important if you rely heavily on your website for leads or revenue conversions. Working in this industry I have seen too many companies lose traffic and sales after a poorly executed site migration. [...]

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Top Tips: How to Make your Website Better (and Go Crazy with Traffic)

For many business owners knowing where to make improvements to their website to make them perform better and generate more sales and leads can be a difficult task. To help out, we have written this blog post on making your website better with the aim of increasing the amount of traffic and visitor interaction with it. Your Website Content MUST Reflect YOUR Passion Make your content reflect your enthusiasm for your products or services. Make people excited by your offering. Be sure to: Address the issues and needs of your target market first. What problems will they have? What solutions [...]

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