A Lesson in Content Creation and Generation for Your Web Marketing

Do you understand the importance of generating new, relevant and interesting content as part of your web marketing? In 2011 Google introduced their Panda algorithm update which meant that creating quality content became more important than ever. What this algorithm did is focus on content rich websites and ranks your website in a better position in their results based on authoritative content. Authoritative content is any content that you produce or share that can be defined as reliable and from a trustworthy source. As experts in your field your will be able to produce authoritative content as you can provide [...]

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What 7 Years as a Soaring Instructor Taught me about Web Marketing

Some of you may know that I am a keen glider pilot and have spent many highly satisfying hours soaring gliders across the skies of England, Scotland and California. In my pre All Things Web time I worked as a professional gliding instructor teaching the gliding basics to ab-initio and student glider pilots, carrying out “Top Gun” aerobatic rides as well as instructing on more advanced cross-country flights in mountainous areas. I’ve been told that I always have a gliding “war story” or two up my sleeve so I thought it would be interesting to think about what soaring taught [...]

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Website Content Ideas – 10 Easy, Fast Ways to Generate Content for your Website

It goes without saying that quality content on a website is the most important thing to get right. From a user perspective – to capture and keep your audience, and from a web marketing point of view. I want to look at the different types of content that can be generated on a website to help you plan your content, think outside the box and get your creative juices flowing: […]

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Small Businesses – do they really need a Web Marketing Strategy?

As a new year begins small business owners start to think about their list of “resolutions” for their business during 2014. These often include statements such as: I must update / get a new website this year I am definitely going to set up a Facebook account in 2014 I’m going to blog every week starting now...... I’m going to start selling my products online this year On the face of it each of these is a reasonable activity for a business to undertake.  However, without formally working out a web marketing strategy and plan for the year ahead the [...]

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Effective Infographics as link bait – Lynx Effect to your Target Audience

From the Lynx TV Advert. Courtesy of www.lynxeffect.com   Can you get your bikini clad target audience running down the beach to swarm your lynx effect infographic? Or is ‘infographics’ just a buzz word, punted about amongst web marketers to keep their graphic designers busy? Is there real marketing value in these ‘graphics with information’? The answer is YES! But only if it is done right. Does Google like infographics? - Google will like anything that adds value to a website in terms of what it offers to its visitors as useful content. Having different types of content [...]

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Top Tips: How to Make your Website Better (and Go Crazy with Traffic)

For many business owners knowing where to make improvements to their website to make them perform better and generate more sales and leads can be a difficult task. To help out, we have written this blog post on making your website better with the aim of increasing the amount of traffic and visitor interaction with it. Your Website Content MUST Reflect YOUR Passion Make your content reflect your enthusiasm for your products or services. Make people excited by your offering. Be sure to: Address the issues and needs of your target market first. What problems will they have? What solutions [...]

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