Immersing yourself into the world of Digital Marketing is a truly amazing experience, with lots of new things to learn every day within a friendly office environment. It is sometimes unbelievable that I am already six months into my apprenticeship especially considering how much I have learnt in this space of time.

At this key milestone would like to share with you the skills and knowledge I have acquired so far, my recommendations for those who want to enter the world of Digital Marketing and the benefits they can have from it.

Digital Marketing, I have Developed so far…

Apart from the basics of settling down and learning the ropes, over the past months I have become more confident whilst learning new skills which include:

  • Answering the phone – During my first few weeks, I felt quite nervous when answering the phone and was given additional training which helped me to develop my interpersonal skills further when speaking on the phone, allowing me to become so much more confident.
  • Social Media – To begin with, the posts I was writing were very basic, however, with additional training and feedback, I began to develop the correct tone of voice for each client which I implemented weekly management checklists, to aid my overall management of social media accounts for clients.
  • Writing blogs and website pages –One of my more recent new skills is that I have been given the opportunity to write content for clients. This has begun to develop my blogging and content writing skills which will continue to develop over the rest of my apprenticeship.
  • Updating websites – One of my key responsibilities within the team is updating websites. We most commonly work with WordPress and I have been able to learn how to make changes to website design, how to add content and even maintain websites to avoid issues for our clients.

The Unexpected Skills I have developed

As well as the above skills I have developed so far, a few unexpected ones have also been thrown into the mix. These include:

  • Blocking IP’s using Analytics – It is important for our business that our visits to client websites aren’t reflected in analytics results. Therefore, I have been shown how to block our IP address using analytics. A small skill but so important for our business.
  • Using our CRM system – Before joining All Things Web® I didn’t even know what a CRM system was. I have been shown how to use our system confidently and have been given responsibilities for adding new client information, updating enquiry information and managing work boards that we use to track monthly tasks.
  • Personal Development – Working closely with the rest of the All Things Web® team has not only helped me on an occupational level, but also on a personal level. Working with the team has helped build my confidence and developed my interpersonal skills.

My Advice for Those who are Interested in doing a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

Do your research and be prepared

Before you commit to an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing, make sure that you know what you want to achieve from it and whether it will enable you to reach your future career goals and ambitions. More importantly, make sure that you research the company who your apprenticeship is with, so you are aware of their approach to Digital Marketing and how they work as a business.

Don’t run before you can walk

With Digital Marketing, there is a lot of new things to learn, so avoid rushing ahead and take a slower approach to begin with so that you absorb the information and have a better understanding of what is required.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There is a high chance that at some point you will need to ask one of your colleagues for help. Do. Don’t sit there and think “will I look stupid if I ask for help?” because you will find that you learn more things when you ask for help.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Make sure that you take note of any new things that you have learnt and keep putting them into practice in the workplace. With businesses becoming more competitive in Digital Marketing, you will find that the more you practice, the more benefits you will bring to yourself and the business.

Benefits of becoming a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Finally, here are some of the benefits you will come across when taking an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing:

  • Experience new challenges – Yes. Every day can be a new challenge with businesses wanting to outrun their competitors at every given opportunity and shoot straight past them to the finish line!
  • Bring fresh ideas to businesses – You may think as a new, junior member of the team that you might not be able to add lots of immediate value because you don’t have lots of experience. But the great thing about recruiting apprentices and new people is that you will bring new ideas to the business that other people might not have thought of. There is no such thing as a bad idea.
  • A degree isn’t essential: don’t think that you have to have a degree to get into marketing. An apprenticeship is a great way to start any career.