Google online marketing tools

Free Google Tools to help your online marketing

Over the past 3 weeks as part of our Back to School campaign we have been sharing some of our favourite free and paid online marketing tools.

What is often overlooked is the fact that Google itself offers a wide range of tools, mostly free, which you can use to help research, deliver and monitor your marketing activity.

So in her latest post Helen provides information on some of the main tools you need to think about using from the Search giant.



Google’s free web based email account similar to Hotmail and Yahoo. Gmail also links up with all of the Google products so is very much a starting point when looking to use any of them.

Key Tip: Using a Gmail address for your business will not send a positive brand message to potential customers – keep it for internal use only.

Helpful for:

  • Free email accessible anywhere
  • Links up Google products and prevents alerts clogging up your main inbox




One of the most important tools you can use as part of your online marketing activity. Analytics is free tracking code that you install on your website which provides you with a wealth of information about its performance. Information about the number of visitors your website receives and their demographic, to helping you understand which activity is generating your enquiries and sales, analytics provides you with the data you need to measure your marketing effectively.

Key Tip: If you don’t understand how it works, get some analytics training – it will pay dividends.

Helpful for:

  • Understanding your website audience and their behaviours
  • Measuring the success of specific marketing channels and campaigns
  • Identifying areas of your website that need improving



Most commonly known as the paid advertising platform from Google (PPC or Pay Per Click) to give your website visibility within search rankings and bring traffic to your website. It is free to set up an account and advertise your products and services – you simply pay Google for each visitor the advertising brings to your website. It can also be used as a keyword research tool for organic search or content marketing activity.

Key Tip: Use small targeted campaigns within Adwords to help test new markets or products before investing in organic campaigns.

Helpful for:

  • Keyword Research
  • Immediate 1st page rankings and traffic to your website
  • Targeted Geographical campaigns

Search Console


Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools this tool provides additional information about your website – most importantly how Google views it. Technical issues that Google detects with the website are usually noted within the Search Console account so that you can take appropriate action.

Key Tip: Read our earlier post to see why you should set up a Search Console Account today.

Helpful for:

  • Identifying crawl errors and malware
  • Checking mobile friendliness of your website
  • Identifying issues with your link profile

Google Alerts



Google Alerts allows you to get news and other articles about a particular subject delivered directly to your inbox. It is a great way to keep on top of potential news stories for your industry or identify content for social media or blogging. Alerts can be set up at various intervals and cover specific geographical locations and types of content (news / blogs etc).

Key Tip: Set the alerts to your Gmail account otherwise your regular inbox will be undated.

Helpful for:

  • Content research for social media or blogging
  • Keeping up to date with industry news stories.

Google Trends



Google Trends enables you to research both past and projected trends for specific topics or keyword searches. The data is displayed over time or by geographical location as well as providing data on related search terms.

Helpful for:

  • Market Research
  • Identifying potential Content Marketing Topics
  • Keyword Research

 Google Surveys


Setting up a Google consumer survey will enable you to obtain genuine feedback from your target audience about your market, products or services or issues affecting them quickly and with minimal fuss.

Helpful for:

  • Market and Product Research
  • Gathering data for use in infographics and blog posts



Google Plus or G+ is the information based social platform owned by Google which has never really taken off as planned. It is however important from a visibility perspective to ensure you business has a profile and business listing which drives the Google local or Map listings within search results.

Helpful for:

  • Search rankings – particularly local

Other Google Tools you might want to take a look at

Google Fonts

Google Maps

Google Sky

Google Correlate

Google public data explorer

If you need help with any aspect of your online marketing from creating a strategy and plan to using online marketing tools give the team a call on 01793 766040.