Video MarketingIf you haven’t already noticed video is becoming one of the fastest growing tools to use as part of your digital marketing campaigns in 2015. Everybody has gone crazy for video! And why not, they are great for showcasing your brand, company & product information in a creative, fun and more engaging way.

You can’t forget that as a society we are very visual, research shows that 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% every day. That is a large market you really should be making the most of.

Whilst for large international and multi-national organisations it is easy to invest in great, creative videos, as an SME ourselves we know that many businesses only have a limited budget for vide. We therefore want to show you how useful and easy it is for you to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy.

What is Guerrilla Video Marketing?

According to the Entrepreneur Encyclopaedia, Guerrilla Marketing can be defined as “An unconventional way of performing marketing activities on a very low budget”

So Guerrilla Video Marketing would mean using creativity and innovation to produce something completely outside of the box but also grabs people’s attention. This marketing technique isn’t about money it is about the creativity and the knowledge that you possess which means you can create a simple but effective campaign.

Why Incorporate Video Marketing?

If a picture says 1000 words, then a video must be priceless

When it comes to video marketing there are three main benefits you gain by adding it to your overall web marketing strategy.

User Engagement – a website visitor will generally skim through your content and only consume the information they choose to. It is also more difficult to engage directly through copy, whereas with video you can definitely improve engagement not only with your products or service but also your brand (assuming you create an interesting video that is!).

Sell your Brand – the second benefit to video is that it can really increase brand awareness, video acts as an additional and sometimes better way to portray your overall brand image; video is particularly useful for brand image because it conveys a “human” side much more effectively than text alone. Customer testimonials and feedback videos really help to add credibility to your brand, retain visitors on site and ultimately help you convert.

Increased traffic – finally video can also assist with your traffic volumes. If used and promoted correctly, video can help to drive visitors to your site particularly when incorporated with other forms of marketing such as social media and email marketing.

Tips on creating a Guerrilla Video Marketing Campaign

We have been searching for some Guerrilla Video Campaigns and we have found three that we love, not only do they demonstrate creativity, but they are all so simple, easy to create, and with the use of a video camera and some editing software can be done on a budget.


The campaign from WWF clearly demonstrates the impact one campaign can have. That one flyer and video reached 285,142 and expressed how easy it is to promote your business without wasting so much paper through the production of hundreds or even thousands of flyers. We love it, how clever.

VrijVerzekerd Insurance Company (Yes we know the company name is unpronounceable but we like the campaign)

A scratch on your precious car is surely going to grab your attention right? Well this Netherlands Insurance company used that creative knowledge to full affect with their guerrilla marketing campaign.

This simple campaign managed to generate a lot of press and engagement in the Netherlands for this new insurance company who had a limited marketing budget. So for less than a €1000 and over 7000 views in the first three weeks, the campaign worked well for them with the daily traffic to their site tripling.


The aim for any window cleaning product is to be able to achieve the best results, and a product that could make your windows so clean they look invisible is sure to be popular right?

Just like the previous two examples this again is such an easy, simple, low cost campaign. And it makes you think why someone didn’t think of it sooner. A campaign which involves 3 guys pretending to hold a pain of glass whilst wearing some clearly branded outfits produces some hilarious but effective results. Would this catch your attention?

Making the Most of your Guerrilla Video Campaign

You may have come up with a great idea for a guerrilla video marketing campaign but at the end of the day if no one sees it or they switch off before the end the impact will be minimal, and even if it is low cost you will be unlikely to see a return on investment for the time and any money you did spend.

When it comes to videos device matters, videos are significantly more viewable on a mobile or tablet device, and statistics from YouTube show that over half of all views now come from mobile. So if you are planning on displaying video on your website then you must ensure it has a responsive design so that users viewing on a mobile or tablet get the same great experience as those via desktop.

Continuing with viewability, 76% of non-viewable ads were never on screen, they were in a background tab or not on screen at all. If you are going to put time and effort into creating a video then what is the point in putting it somewhere no-one will see it, make sure your video is easily accessible not only on your website but on other platforms as well.

When it comes to many marketing campaigns, including video taking a multi-channel approach will increase the impact your campaign has. As mentioned in our previous blog post seven ways to get more people to visit your website from Facebook, social media is one way in which you can increase traffic to your website. It is the same when looking at your video marketing, if you incorporate other strategies within your overall campaign you will see much better returns.

Facebook are pushing video content with the featured video tool which they are rolling out at the moment, engagement levels on blogs or email marketing also significantly increase if they include video.

What NOT to Do When Implementing Guerrilla Marketing

Video Marketing What Not to DoKeep things simple – don’t make your guerrilla videos to mysterious, a lack of clarity can make them misunderstood and will have the opposite of a desired effect.

Don’t Splash the Cash – Guerrilla Marketing is all about low cost. Don’t spend huge amounts of money when it is not necessary. Yes professional videos are great and recommended when the budget is available but at the end of the day a series of cheaper videos with different messages will work much better than spending your entire budget on one epic production.

Keep it short – when it comes to any sort of video marketing the length of the video is crucial! Too long and viewers will leave before the end; too short and you won’t have time to fully convey your message.

An analysis of the top 50 YouTube videos shows that the average length was 2:54 minutes which would put an ideal video length at around 3 minutes. This isn’t to say that you need to aim for 3 minutes if you can complete the aim of your video within 90 seconds then there is no reason why your video can’t be that length.

Are you ready to Give Video Marketing a Go?

2015 has been called the year of many things including the year of the video, well hopefully now you have a much better idea of how video marketing can be beneficial to your business and have taken on board some useful tips on how to implement it successfully.

If you need any helpful advice and tips on your web marketing then why not check out our handy guides or alternatively contact the team today on 01793 766040 to find out more about how we can help you with your web marketing.