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Website Maintenance

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Keep Your Website Updated & Secure

Regular maintenance is critical to the continued security and stability of your website, reducing the risk of hacks and ensuring assets such as plugins and themes are kept up to date.

Ensuring your website is always kept up to date with your latest business information such as opening times, pricing, services and product details also improved user experience.

Our website maintenance service takes the hassle out of keeping your WordPress website up to date, ensuring that your website is performing 24/7.

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What’s included?

Our standard website maintenance package offers everything you need to keep your website up and running.

Updating WordPress, your website theme and any plugins that are actively used on your site.

Checking your contact forms to ensure potential enquiries aren’t missed

Crawling your website to check for broken pages

Fixing broken pages and any minor issues that arise as part of the maintenance

Keep your website up to date and secure

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Want More Support?

We offer our standard website maintenance package to provide the minimum support that any WordPress website requires. But if you are looking for additional support and updates to your website, speak to us about how we can create a customised website maintenance support package to suit your business needs.

This could include:

  • Updating current content
  • Updating current imagery
  • Adding blog content to your site

Website Maintenance FAQ’s

Website maintenance ensures that WordPress, plugins and themes are always kept up to date, these updates usually include improvements and security patches. Keeping on top of issues such as 404s can also benefit the SEO of the website and the user experience.

Without being maintained, certain elements of the website may stop working, you may miss enquiries or it could go down completely. In a worst case scenario, your website could be hacked.

Minor fixes could include fixing 404’s, fixing any issues that arise as part of the updates, contacting plugin developers if there is an issue with a specific issue or liaising with your hosting company on specific issues.

Keep Your Website Up to Date with All Things Web®

What would the impact on your business be if your website went down? If you want peace of mind that your website is being kept up to date, we can help.

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