Boy on laptop doing Social Media MarketingFrom Facebook and Pinterest to Instagram and Snapchat, there are more opportunities than ever to target your audience. In fact, implementing Social Media in to your marketing strategy can be highly rewarding and brings with it a great return on investment.

However, Social Media Marketing can be a bit of a minefield, especially for those who don’t use it in their day to day lives.

But that is where we step in.

So, if you’d like to improve your social presence and harness the potential power of social media, make sure that you don’t follow our top tips below:

Our Top Tips to Failure

When it comes to Social Media Marketing there is a lot to learn. And whilst many can pick up the basics instinctively, others can fail dramatically.

This month we’ve taken a sarcastic spin on all of the other top tips blogs and compiled a list of sure fire ways of failing at Social Media for business. Take a look below and make sure that you don’t implement any of these:

  1. Don’t Bother with a Social Media Strategy

Want to deliver an effective message to your audience? Then why waste your time on creating and planning your Social Media strategy?

Despite possibly struggling to execute an effective campaign, or not really understanding your company’s Social Media voice, we’re sure not much else can go wrong.

Don’t bother with setting measurable goals either and go ahead and post blindly; spontaneity is the spice of life after all.

  1. Create Accounts for Every Social Media Possible

Keep the focus of your Social Media far reaching and wide.

Don’t follow in the footsteps of brands who focus all of their efforts on just three platforms, posting frequently, and with purpose. Not posting on your Instagram or Pinterest accounts for months is okay, at least they are there.

  1. Pay for your Followers

Ignore what others have to say and pay for your followers to increase your audience. Whilst the majority of them won’t necessarily be interested in your company, products or services, they might just happen to like one of your posts.

Building genuine customer relationships isn’t the way to go, more followers, more reach, right?

  1. Focus all Your Content on Brand, Products or Services

People who follow or like your Social Media page aren’t interested in the wider world; they just want to learn more about your products.

Sharing the work of others, re-tweeting posts, and commenting on other pages is a waste of time and won’t keep your fans returning. Who wants to find out about local events, competitions, news, or read interesting and exciting blogs?

  1. Post Offensively

If you find something funny, chances are everyone else will as well. And despite differences in humour and the need to keep in tone with company voice, values, or policy, getting a laugh and a few more likes is considerably more important.

Remember, in life you can’t please everyone, so does it really matter if you offend a few?

  1. Excessively Hashtag & Never Check the Purpose of a Trend

We all know the power and the ability to reach a wider audience with the use of a hashtag. So why limit yourself in each tweet?

Extreme hashtagging in your posts will only push your tweets further afield. And, go ahead and tag posts with keywords that might not even be relevant.

We’d also recommend that you save time and never bother checking the context of a tweet. Your initial interpretation will probably be right and you’ll save yourself a good few minutes each day.

  1. Don’t Waste Time Proof Reading

Today’s technology incorporates features such as predictive text, and ensures that words are never spelt incorrectly. So there is no need to ever proof check your posts for the wrong word, sloppy grammar, bad spelling, or even posting the wrong links.

  1. Go Silent

Whether you’re off on your summer holiday or shutting the office down for Christmas break your fans and followers are sure to understand that even you need a break sometimes.

Who wants to post whilst they’re not in the office or go to all that time and effort to schedule a few tweets or Facebook posts? Followers won’t forget about you in the space of two weeks if you’re not pushing your brand with continued posts.

  1. Don’t Reply to Comments (particularly complaints or issues)

When faced with a Social Media comment or private message, don’t waste your time replying. All of your contact information is clearly covered in your About Us or Bio sections. We know that social is supposed to be “social”, but there is plenty of work to be getting on with elsewhere.

If you receive any complaints, queries, concerns, or issues via your social platforms; do not reply. You’re effectively admitting to an issue and that is never good. Don’t bother trying to resolve these with great customer service, just leave it and hope the problem solves itself or disappears altogether.

  1. Measuring Goals is a Waste of Time

If there was anything that was ever a bigger waste of time, we’d say it was measuring your progress, checking in on insights and spending time to improve your social media processes and/or campaigns.

If you’re getting a few likes, rest assured that it is probably working.

More Help and Information

The above is terrible advice that you should never follow and is exactly what we don’t do at All Things Web®.

Managing client campaigns we ensure that all of the right processes are in place, including a sound and detailed Social Marketing Strategy. So if you don’t have the time or resources then contact the team on 01793 766040 for details of our Social Media management services.