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Pay Per Click Advertising Management for Mawdsleys BER and Mawdsleys Pumps

Mawdsleys BER is a mechanical and electrical service company specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and ongoing maintenance of rotating electrical equipment. The other arm of their business, Mawdsleys Pump Services specialises in the field of pumps and pumping systems.


Mawdsleys were focused on reaching new audiences and ATW introduced Google Ads to their marketing mix to generate instant traffic and leads for the services they offer. Google Ads offers the Mawdsleys’ websites maximum visibility within search engines, focussing on service areas that provide larger profit margins and are more competitive. Each campaign is reviewed regularly and appropriate changes are made to keywords, ads, campaigns and landing pages based on actual conversions and sales as well as performance data such as impressions and clicks.

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Google Ads has proved to be an extremely successful platform for Mawdsleys which provides a healthy ROI month after month, fills any gaps in organic positioning and keeps the business competitive against other companies who are also using Google Ads for similar services.


Google Ads complements organic activity and generates quality leads for this established business.

With the guidance and expertise provided by the All Things Web® team, we have built up a strong online presence, creating a significant number of quality enquiries and substantial revenue.

Peter Woodward

Managing Director, Mawdsleys

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