Email Marketing UsesDo you use email marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy?

Email marketing is a popular and effective channel if implemented and used correctly for your business.

Where some people may make a mistake though is thinking that it’s just about sending out a simple email from Outlook, Gmail or other email platform. Instead you need to think about the different ways in which you can use this marketing tool to communicate with your audience.

To help you out I will be explaining a number of the different ways you can use email marketing to communicate with your contacts.

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A Newsletter

One of the most obvious and common uses of email marketing is a regular newsletter. Producing a newsletter can be a great way to update your customers and other contacts with latest news about your business, as well as distributing blog content you have produced.

Whether your contacts are already customers, or prospects, using a newsletter to distribute content that you have produced is not only a great way to keep in touch and ensure your business remains front of mind but enables you to demonstrate your expertise in a more subtle and less direct way. Which can ultimately lead to new customers or up-sell your products or services to current customers without it coming across as too pushy.

Word of warning though, when it comes to producing a newsletter it is important to remember not to spam your subscribers. At a maximum we would recommend sending a newsletter once a month, but you can also send them bi-monthly, or even quarterly. The frequency of the newsletter will depend very much on how much new content and news you have to share.

Event Information & Follow Up

If you hold seminars or attend exhibitions as part of your marketing then you are missing out on a key trick if you aren’t using email marketing to both promote and follow up from an event.

First of all email marketing is a cost effective way to promote an event. Whether it is an event of your own or an exhibition you are attending, email marketing is a perfect tool to use.

In addition, if you are using it to promote an event such as a seminar once people have signed up to that seminar you can use it to contact those individuals with specific details prior to the event to ensure maximum attendance as well as let them know you look forward to meeting them, everyone loves a personal touch.

Using email to aid your event marketing shouldn’t just stop with promotion. Once you have been to, or held your event then you should use email marketing to follow up with the contacts from that event. If you are following up from a seminar this will allow you to attach literature from the event and provide any additional help.

Using email to follow up from an exhibition, particularly using automated processes, is great as your contacts will meet dozens of people at one exhibition and it is easy for you to be forgotten about. Electronically capturing peoples’ details via an Email Marketing app not only makes it much easier on the day but also ensures that you quickly and effectively follow up with everyone once the event has finished. No more wading through piles of business cards when you return to the office.

If you struggle when it comes to event marketing check out one of my earlier blog posts on how to make the most of your event marketing.


Send Reminders Using Email MarketingHere at All Things Web®, our email marketing software of choice is Campaign Monitor; one of the fantastic features of Campaign Monitor is that you can set up automated emails. In essence you can create an email which will automatically be sent to a selected group of people at your chosen point in time, this could be just after an event or even at a specific point in time as a reminder.

Email marketing is a fantastic way to send reminders to your clients or customers. An example would be if a group of clients were due for renewal on their magazine subscription. In this situation an automated email can be set up to go out a month before their renewal date to remind them of the benefits of renewing.

You can imagine sending out reminders to clients can be a painfully long task, but with the use of automated email marketing this job has all of a sudden become so much easier.

Transactional Emails

Does anyone know what a transactional email is? No, well you are actually all familiar with them but you probably never realised what they were called.

Account registration, order confirmations, password resets, contact form completions are all examples of transactional emails. These emails are really useful as they act as a confirmation to the user after they have completed their specific transaction.

There are two ways to do this, first of all they can be directly sent by your website or as an alternative you can now also use Campaign Monitor. The benefit of using Campaign Monitor to send your transactional emails is that you are able to have increased ability to tailor the content, branding and track the performance of these emails.

It Doesn’t Just Stop There

Welcome to the world of email marketing, with all of these functions at your fingertips there is no reason to push email marketing to the back of your mind, or ignore it all together.

Whatever you decide to use email marketing for, as you can see there are a number of useful benefits it can provide to your business and marketing.

If you continue to struggle with your email marketing contact our team today on 01793 766040 to find out more about our email marketing training and services.