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Comprehensive Website Audits

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Tailored SEO Website Audits for SMEs

Website audits should form an important part of your digital marketing strategy, with regular audits enabling you to monitor performance closely and identify any issues with your website.

If you are not performing regular audits of your website, SEO, competitors and online presence, there could be unknown issues impacting your performance and making your marketing efforts less effective.

Throughout an audit, a broad number of factors will be analysed including indexability, crawlability, site speed, security and more to provide a detailed report on the website with recommendations for improvement.

If you want to identify issues with your website and improve your online presence through a detailed website audit, we can help.

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Website Audits Tailored To Your Needs

Our expert team utilises data from several tools and performs manual checks to review every aspect of your website and SEO in detail – we won’t just provide you with an automated template report from SEO software and are on hand with email and phone support to provide solutions to resolve problems holding your site back.

Basic Audit - A snapshot of your website performance

From £360 + VAT
  • SEO Review
  • Google Analytics Review
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Email Support
  • Action Plan

Full Audit - An in-depth review of your website, competitors and marketing activity

£1,500 20% OFFNow Available From £1,200 + VAT
  • SEO Review
  • Google Analytics Review
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Content Audit & Gap Analysis
  • UX & Mobile Checks
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Action Plan
  • And more..

What Clients Say About our Site Audits

“The comprehensive SEO website audit that All Things Web® carried out for us dug deep and unearthed several issues with our website and SEO strategy that we were unaware of.

All Things Web® gave us clear advice, practical support and efficient solutions throughout the whole site audit process saving us both time and money.

We have certainly seen notable increases in both traffic and sales since implementing their suggestions and would highly recommend them to any company looking to achieve (much) more from their website.”

P. Randall – Director, Office Supermarket

Why All Things Web®?

Checks Carried Out Per Audit By Our Team
Websites Audited for Small to Medium Sizes Businesses
Tailored To Your Business Goals
Risk-Free Guarantee – we find issues impacting the performance of 90% of the sites we’re asked to audit.

Different Types of Website Audit

Whilst full audits are the most detailed, they are not always necessary. Some of the most common types of targeted audits which look at specific factors in more detail include.

  • Technical Audit – Technical audits focus on the crawlability and indexability of your website and identify anything that could be negatively impacting this.
  • SEO Audit – SEO audits review the overall positioning of your website and look at ranking factors including loading times, backlink profiles, keyword research and on-page SEO factors. An SEO audit is recommended before undertaking any long-term SEO activity.
  • Content Audit – Content audits specifically review the content of your website and take into consideration factors such as messaging, user experience and tone of voice to provide insight into how it can be improved to increase engagement and conversions.
  • Competitor Audit – A competitor audit reviews several of your key online competitors’ websites and marketing activity to enable you to benchmark your own website and identify any gaps.
  • Traffic & UX Audit – Traffic audits focus on the user experience of the website, using tools such as Google Analytics in conjunction with the visitor journey to identify gaps and make recommendations on how to improve engagement and sales.

Combining all of these factors into a full audit gives you a clear and unrivalled picture of your website, your organic positioning, how you compare with competitors and how to improve.

Additionally, audits may be carried out on specific marketing mediums such as Google Ads, or social media advertising to assess the performance of campaigns.

Benefits of Website Audits

Regular audits offer several benefits to businesses, marketing teams and webmasters including:

Identify any issues with your website that may be impacting visibility within search engines

Understand how your website performs against Google ranking factors

Understand how your website performs on different devices such as mobiles and tablets

Analyse and understand data produced by web services including Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

Keep up to date with your competitor’s online activity and understand the changing search landscape of your industry

Understand how visitors use your website through analysis of customer journeys and identify steps to improve user experience

Talk to our expert team about your audit requirements.

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Website Audit FAQs

At All Things Web, our complete 150+ point audit reviews all the key factors that could be impacting your website performance.

These are broken down into categories including site architecture, technical SEO, security, speed, competitors, mobile-friendliness and local SEO.

Throughout the audit, we will perform manual checks of your website coupled with data produced by audit and crawling tools and web services such as Google Analytics.

The recommend frequencies for audits will vary dependant on the size of the website, how often it is updated and how competitive your industry is.

We recommend an annual audit for small websites and a bi-annual audit for larger websites. Smaller, targeted reviews should also be carried out on a more regular basis, such as quarterly.

Additionally, an audit is beneficial if you are in the process of making significant changes to your website such as adding a new product line or changing your domain name.

Yes, as part of our audits we provide a detailed report which includes recommendations categorised by the impact that the changes would have from low to high.

Once the report has been delivered, it is yours to utilise as you need. Whilst many of our clients ask us to implement the recommendations within the report, others choose to implement it themselves or ask us to support their in-house teams through consultancy or tailored training.

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Enhance Your Online Presence with a Website Audit

If you are not currently having regular audits carried out on your website and marketing activity – you could be falling behind your competitors and missing out on sales.

To have a no-obligation discussion with one of our team about how a website audit could benefit you, give us a call on 01793 766 040 or fill out a contact form below and we will get back to you.

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