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Website Design

Sense Risk Solutions is a commercial insurance brokerage based in Bristol supporting SME business owners to find the best and most appropriate insurance solutions.

In the Spring of 2021, the business became directly authorised and this was the catalyst to rebrand and have a new website designed and developed.

It was important to Director, Emily Kenna, that the website reflected the values and heart of the family-owned business which is to help and support SME clients giving high quality advice by qualified individuals with professionalism and care.

Sense Risk Solutions does not specialise in any particular sector, and for this reason the website also needed to show clearly the many different types of insurance cover they can provide for their SME clients.

Sense Risk Solutions Logo
Sense Risk Solutions website on different screen sizes
why work iwth us page on Sense Risk Solutions Website


At the beginning of the website project, the ATW team sat down with Sense Risk Solutions to scope out the website, understand the key elements required and the overall feel and messaging that they wanted to include.

We worked closely with the designer of the new logo to ensure that the website incorporated the elements and colour palette of the new brand across the site.

For this project Sense Risk Solutions provided their own copy for each page and this was quickly and smoothly transferred into the website layout.

Emily was keen to have real images of the team rather than using corporate stock photography and so ATW worked with Emily and her photography advising on the type of imagery that would help to create that family-owned, caring, dedicated service feeling across the site.


The new website reflects the new branding throughout, even down to the gradient colouring of the buttons to mimic the logo.

It clearly highlights to SME clients the many different types of cover they can purchase through Sense Risk Solutions as well as the qualified and professional team behind the brand.

Plus, the current design and navigation of the website has been created specifically so that it can be added to and grow as the business develops, giving great flexibility for the years to come.

Screen capture of the sense risk solutions website

“It was really important to me that the website reflected who we are and the personal and qualified service that we can give our clients as well as our new branding and I think it does just that.

The communication from ATW was brilliant. After our scoping meeting ATW sent me an email with all the timeframes and the process which clearly set out what I needed to do and by when and I found this so helpful and referred back to it more than once.

Having access to the site whilst it was being built was also a great bonus, allowing me to be involved at every stage and seeing my vision come to life.”

Emily Kenna, Director

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