Notebook with content marketing notes, pair of glasses and a cup of teaFrom infographics and blogging to podcasts and videos, there are a multitude of ways to create great content.

In fact, Content Marketing can very successfully tap into the stages of buying by raising awareness of potential results and educating your audience about a product, service or subject matter they may never have heard of before. In addition, such marketing methods enable greater customer support as you aid individuals in getting more from their product and/or service.

However, the rapid rise of web content has come with a  host of experts who range from completely qualified to less than able to provide sound advice.

Top Tips to Guaranteed Failure

When it comes to Content Marketing there is a lot to learn and many marketers fail miserably and offer terrible advice.

But that’s where All Things Web® step in.

This month we’ve pulled together a satirical spin on all the blogs offering you some truly terrible advice and compiled a list of surefire ways to fail at Content Marketing. Take a look and ensure that you don’t implement any of these in your marketing strategy.

  1. Your Products Will Sell Themselves

If you believe that your products are the greatest thing out there, then they probably are.

And great products and services sell themselves. So don’t bother wasting your time and effort with content marketing or otherwise.

  1. Think Quantity, Not Quality

Yes, it might be good to get some quality pieces of content up on your site, but more is always better than less.

So, make sure you think quantity, and not quality when pulling together your blog posts, webpages, infographics etc. Quality content is not vital to having a successful content campaign.

  1. Keyword Stuffing Works

Forget the latest changes Google made to Panda and those shouting about a more natural and authentic search experience for users. Instead focus on specific keywords and work them into the content as much as possible. What even is semantics anyway?

  1. One Size Fits All

Some say its better to take an approach that fits your company for the best results. But it’s certainly easier to copy successful actions taken by another businesses – you’ll save yourself a tonne of time and its sure to work for you too, right?

  1. Blogging is Easy, Anyone Can Do It

Think of a topic and start writing; it’s as simple as that. Forget the advice from seasoned bloggers who recommend content calendars, research and planning. Readers are also quite forgiving when it comes to spelling mistakes and terrible grammar and understand that this has no reflection on you as a business.

  1. Online Images are Fair Game

Copy right is just a scam. No one is ever penalised for taking images online for their own use as long as they cite the website where it was obtained.

  1. Don’t Write to an Audience

Make your life as easy as possible and write in order to please everyone. Forget targeting a specific audience, this way you’re sure to capture the hearts and minds of anyone.

  1. Create Accounts on All Social Channels

You need to be out there, so create a business account on just about every social platform you can think of. Yes, you may recognise that your current and future customers are mainly on Facebook, but don’t focus your efforts all in one place. Spread yourself thin and do it all.

  1. Don’t Bother With Lead Generation

Don’t be a pushy marketer and avoid Call to Actions within your content. Always assume that prospects will become leads on their own if and when they are interested.

We’re sure they’ll dig through your website until they find a landing page, contact form, or telephone number.

  1. Be Controversial

Want to get more attention? Then make sure you’re controversial for the sake of being controversial. Some may say its not professional, but we’d say haphazardly stirring up controversy to get attention won’t really reflect on your business.

More Help and Information

The above advice is terrible. And we must stress that by no means should you follow; we certainly don’t.

Managing client campaigns we ensure that all of the right processes are in place, including a sound and detailed Content Marketing strategy. So, if you don’t have the time or resources then contact the team on 01285 50 55 50 for more details.