22 Different Types Of Content For Your Business Blog

Not enough time, not enough in-house resources or not enough budget to outsource content creation? Whatever your reason for not producing enough quality content for your website – not having any ideas for different types of content shouldn’t be one of them.In this blog post, we take a look at the different types of content you can create, with ideas to get you well on your way to win at content marketing. […]

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17 Duplicate Content Issues you Should Fix on your Website

Duplicate content is a term that has been banded about for years in SEO circles and it certainly does cause issues for the website(s) concerned. But there are many different types of duplicate content, so we thought a blog post to explain these, where they might occur and some checks you can do to make sure your website isn’t suffering, would be a good idea. What is Duplicate Content? Quite simply, it is exactly that; a piece of content that is present in more than one place on the web. This could be on the same domain (website) or it [...]

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How to Write Awesome Content for Google and Humans

This is awesome content! Only joking. My job would become significantly simpler if everyone believed that this was awesome content just because I said so.For years and years there has been a debate about whether you should write content for Google or for people.Yes, if you optimise your content for search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo, then you are more likely to rank, which will help drive traffic to your website or blog.However!Google isn’t human! (Although they are coming close these days with much more sophisticated analytical capabilities). Search engines won’t buy your product or service, or engage with [...]

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What tone of voice should you adopt on your website?

Did you know that 63% of customers would buy from a company they find authentic instead of a competitor? Cohn & Wolf’s study The Age of Authenticity found a direct connection between sales and the tone of voice of brands. Your website is the first impression you make about your brand online. To have a defined voice and tone strategy is paramount for the right communication with customers. When your customers stand in front of you, it is quite easy to decide what tone of voice to use and how to change that voice if necessary judging from the reactions [...]

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Why Failing to Add Client Testimonials is Reducing the Effectiveness of your Online Content Marketing

Here's why testimonials should be a fundamental part of your content marketing strategy.

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Outsourced Content Marketing – Are you making the most of your Digital Agency?

The reason you chose to outsource your content marketing to a digital agency is most likely that you don’t have the time to be writing content, devising strategies and just need to get on with running your business. Many SMEs lack the internal resources or skill set to make a success of content marketing. The benefits of using an agency are of course that they are experts in all aspects of content marketing; they have tried and tested strategies and will hit the floor running with experience and knowledge of implementation. They (should) have their finger on the pulse of [...]

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Our Top 10 Tips to Ensure you Fail at Content Marketing

From infographics and blogging to podcasts and videos, there are a multitude of ways to create great content. In fact, Content Marketing can very successfully tap into the stages of buying by raising awareness of potential results and educating your audience about a product, service or subject matter they may never have heard of before. In addition, such marketing methods enable greater customer support as you aid individuals in getting more from their product and/or service. However, the rapid rise of web content has come with a  host of experts who range from completely qualified to less than able to [...]

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