My Intern Experience at All Things Web®

Embarking on my typical bus journey to the University of The West of England’s library, it dawned on me that this wasn’t forever, and I needed to consider what to do next. Instead of settling in for my typical 8-hour slog of dissertation writing, I decided to do some job hunting.  The hunt began and as I started to look through pages and pages of advertisements, I came across the Digital Marketing intern position for All Things Web® on the UWE careers site. After reading the description and reviewing their website, I instantly knew that I wanted the position.  ATW [...]

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Internship experience with All Things Web®

During my 2-month internship with All Things Web ® I have covered a wide range of skills within the digital marketing industry. I came into the internship straight out of university (studying Marketing and obtaining a 2:1) wanting to put my theoretical knowledge which had come from learning at university into a practical experience in the real world, matching up the gaps in my knowledge. At University my favourite modules were the digital marketing modules which I really had a passion for, and excelled in, so the opportunity to work as an intern has been a great experience, enabling me [...]

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We are Officially Cyber Essentials Certified!

Keeping your data secure is extremely important to us. Cyber threats are all around us and have only become more prominent with a greater reliance on digital products and many of us now working remotely more often. As part of our commitment to cyber security, we have become Cyber Essentials certified to provide peace of mind to our customers that we are protected against the most common types of cyber threats such as phishing, malware and password breaches. Read on to find out more about Cyber Essentials, why it’s important and how your business can become Cyber Essentials certified [...]

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Hello New Neighbours

We are excited to announce our new office Cotswolds location! It all started with two offices located in Bristol and Swindon but then the pandemic hit and life as we knew it changed. Home working became the norm for many months, and we had time to reassess how best we could come back together as a team when it was safe to do so. Moving into new office space has been on the horizon for a while at All Things Web® but now feels like the right time to bring our team back together all under one roof. We have made some incredible memories in our previous locations, and we are extremely excited to continue our journey and open the [...]

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All Things Work Experience

One of the best things about having a passion for marketing – besides watching clients succeed with your work of course – is meeting a young budding marketer full of creativity and brand new ideas which is exactly what we saw when we met Lydia. As part of giving back to the community, we took on yet another year 10 student to help her get some experience in the marketing world and see what it’s all about before she heads off on her GCSE’s. Take a look at how she got on here: […]

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Get The Most Out Of Your Experience

Now I’m only one month away from finishing my apprenticeship, it is becoming clear to me how much I have actually progressed. This is not only in regards to my role at All Things Web®, but personally too. Personal development often involves skills that are generally overlooked. This month I have created a list of how I have developed in just one year. Have any of these skills affected your career too? […]

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