The Email Marketing Barricade: The Importance of a Great Subject Line in Your Emails

When it comes to your email marketing, you might think how hard can it really be to write an email? Most of us send many on a daily basis. But it is harder than you think, writing the right content and more importantly creating that perfect subject line is a difficult task. But why does it even matter? Just imagine this. Before your recipients choose to open your email, there is a giant 100ft wall standing between your content and them. Your recipients aren’t even going to attempt to get over that wall without a little help, without that key [...]

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5 Ways to Annoy Your Subscribers with Email Marketing

Poor email marketing practices over the years has resulted  in many businesses being put off it as a channel as part of their marketing strategy. There is an art to email marketing just like many other marketing techniques and if you get it right then it can be very effective for businesses across many sectors. This month I am revealing some of the common ways that poor email marketing practices   annoy subscribers. […]

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