Core Web Vitals – The Basics Every Website Owner Needs to Know for SEO in 2022

You have spent years developing your website content, placing the appropriate keyword phrases on your pages whilst crafting beautifully written content that meets your users' needs. You've also spent time improving your site's visitor journey, lowering bounce rates and increasing time on your site. Now you've heard that Google is raising the bar once again when it comes to SEO, with its requirements for a good Page Experience as well as for “Core Web Vitals”. Google announced the development of Core Web Vitals back in 2020 and released it in June 2021.  So it's not a brand new concept, but [...]

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17 Duplicate Content Issues you Should Fix on your Website

Duplicate content is a term that has been banded about for years in SEO circles and it certainly does cause issues for the website(s) concerned. But there are many different types of duplicate content, so we thought a blog post to explain these, where they might occur and some checks you can do to make sure your website isn’t suffering, would be a good idea. What is Duplicate Content? Quite simply, it is exactly that; a piece of content that is present in more than one place on the web. This could be on the same domain (website) or it [...]

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Google Now Shows Answer Without Search Results

Have you ever wondered why you get so many search results for simple questions such as “time in Bristol” or 5+8? This might change for good, and you may start to see one answer on Google without the list of search results. Barry Schwartz, Search Expert, explained this news first on Search Engine Land; apparently, Google is testing displaying only the answer to queries regarding the local time, unit converter or calculator. According to Danny Sullivan (Google’s public educator about search), it is an experiment and might not stay. So how does it work? If you wish to know the [...]

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How to Write Awesome Content for Google and Humans

This is awesome content! Only joking. My job would become significantly simpler if everyone believed that this was awesome content just because I said so.For years and years there has been a debate about whether you should write content for Google or for people.Yes, if you optimise your content for search engines, like Google, Bing and Yahoo, then you are more likely to rank, which will help drive traffic to your website or blog.However!Google isn’t human! (Although they are coming close these days with much more sophisticated analytical capabilities). Search engines won’t buy your product or service, or engage with [...]

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