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17 Duplicate Content Issues you Should Fix on your Website

Duplicate content is a term that has been banded about for years in SEO circles and it certainly does cause issues for the website(s) concerned. But there are many different types of duplicate content, so we thought a blog post to explain these, where they might occur and some checks you can do to make sure your website isn’t suffering, would be a good idea. What is Duplicate Content? Quite simply, it is exactly that; a piece of content that is present in more than one place on the web. This could be on the same domain (website) or it [...]

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Website, SEO and CRO Audit Case Studies from ATW

One of the most rewarding things about the job we do here at ATW is helping clients who have struggled with their online visibility and conversion rates. With an in-depth audit we can quickly identify the underlying issues with their strategy, usability, barriers to conversion, and technical problems. Here are some examples of how we have helped clients with various issues: […]

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Outsourced Content Marketing – Are you making the most of your Digital Agency?

The reason you chose to outsource your content marketing to a digital agency is most likely that you don’t have the time to be writing content, devising strategies and just need to get on with running your business. Many SMEs lack the internal resources or skill set to make a success of content marketing. The benefits of using an agency are of course that they are experts in all aspects of content marketing; they have tried and tested strategies and will hit the floor running with experience and knowledge of implementation. They (should) have their finger on the pulse of [...]

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What Is So Great About Bing Ads And Should You Be Using It?

For a long time, Google Ads has dominated the paid search market, with the majority of people searching on the internet using Google as their chosen search engine. But with the mass release and rollout of Windows 10 and Surface devices, which use Bing as their default search engine, Bing is taking a larger share of the search market.Similarly, the Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone operating systems are also pre-installed to have search results powered by Bing. In addition to this, they are also syndication partners with Amazon devices, Apple’s Siri and Spotlight search.With this [...]

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Multi Touch Attribution Uses Explained

One of the best parts of online marketing is that every effort is trackable and measurable. Marketers can see which online campaigns are working and where to apportion more budget. But even with tracking capabilities there can still be a question over which method of delivery is responsible for a conversion if a consumer has visited a website a number of times via different channels. As a marketer, for example, you may consider the first visit (touch point) to be the channel that takes the glory for the sale, even if the visitor returned several times and bought through a [...]

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The Importance of Citations for Local Search Engine Rankings

A question that many businesses ask; is how to rank locally for their chosen search terms. Google has over 250 ranking factors in its sophisticated algorithm, some better known than others. Getting citations for your business online is a part of local search strategy and is identified as being a key ranking factor. However remember that doing citations alone will not cover all of the factors that need to be addressed in your local strategy. […]

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