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Darren launched All Things Web® over 13 years ago in recognition of the need to offer clients an SEO service that stripped away the mystique surrounding the subject, instead offering an informed, jargon free and reliable service that could be trusted to successfully optimise clients’ websites, to ensure they attract targeted on-line traffic that converted into business leads and sales. Well known throughout the industry, both in the UK and internationally, as MD and Technical Director Darren continues to act as the SEO technical expert within the company, providing web optimisation consultancy and general advice to our clients. He works closely with peers around the world and belongs to a number of industry forums. As a Glider pilot and keen mountain walker (when not working or researching Web Marketing) Darren can generally be found on an airfield or at the top of a UK mountain or moorland!

Core Web Vitals – The Basics Every Website Owner Needs to Know for SEO in 2022

You have spent years developing your website content, placing the appropriate keyword phrases on your pages whilst crafting beautifully written content that meets your users' needs. You've also spent time improving your site's visitor journey, lowering bounce rates and increasing time on your site. Now you've heard that Google is raising the bar once again when it comes to SEO, with its requirements for a good Page Experience as well as for “Core Web Vitals”. Google announced the development of Core Web Vitals back in 2020 and released it in June 2021.  So it's not a brand new concept, but [...]

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Why Failing to Add Client Testimonials is Reducing the Effectiveness of your Online Content Marketing

Here's why testimonials should be a fundamental part of your content marketing strategy.

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