As COVID-19 continues to disrupt industries, businesses big and small have found themselves in a position where they have needed to flex and change the way they do business, and for some, a rebrand was a natural step to embrace the ‘new normal’ to reflect that change.

Rebranding not only offers businesses the chance to redefine their purpose, but also allows them to adapt their proposition to be more appropriate and engaging for their audiences. It is an effective way of communicating a business’ vision and message to customers and allows companies to take their services in a new direction.

Rebranding can instigate a positive change for employees as well as clients by allowing a business to refocus on what they do and how they do it. Rebranding can improve efficiencies and allows each product or service to be analysed and fine-tuned so that every offering is the best it can be.

Here at All Things Web®, (“ATW”) we are adapting as the world around us is changing. We recognise that we, also, must progress, and continue to meet the demands of the market as circumstances change. Taking into consideration economic changes and focussing heavily on the needs of our clients, we have redefined our identity as a brand to reflect where we are now, and where we want our vision to take us in the future.

Utilising our expertise and skills in-house, at the start of the year we began to really identify how our messaging resonates with our target market and our existing clients. Then, taking advantage of the time during COVID-19, we began to think specifically about how customer needs may have changed, and what we can do to support the strategic, and in some cases, more immediate goals of our clients in this new and evolving climate.

ATW Rebrand

ATW was established as an agency in 2001 to support businesses focus on the importance of integrating SEO strategies to their sales and marketing plans.

The journey began with our Founder and Technical Director Darren Moloney, who took 3 fundamental principles from his time as a gliding instructor; Preparation, Process and Practice, and applied them to the world of digital marketing, thus creating the ATW brand as it currently stands.

Although these principles are still very much integrated within our work, our business has grown and developed into a holistic service provider within the digital and offline marketing space and, therefore, we felt that flying references no longer reflected the evolution of our business. We knew we needed to revitalise our brand to truly echo our services and messaging and a rebrand gave us the perfect opportunity to deliver.

Over the last few months, as we have repositioned ATW, we are now ready and proud to introduce our rebrand, incorporating a new logo, improved USPs, a fresh colour palette and inspiring messaging that directly focuses on our company values and our high-quality service offerings.

With our rebrand concentrating heavily on what more we can do to support our customers’ needs, we have begun instigating various changes including moving our popular 121 digital marketing training courses to a new virtual training service which allows us to support businesses more efficiently.

We will continue to deliver best practises, utilising tools and techniques supported by sophisticated technology, to ensure delivery of market leading digital strategies.

Our Managing Director, Helen Moloney describes how “the rebrand has completed an evolution for ATW from when it started nearly 20 years ago. Our new website and logo will pivot us to the next level in the digital world and we’re really proud to announce and showcase our refreshed brand. Our new website has officially gone live and with other changes coming over the next few months I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

We are…

  • Experts – Our team are highly experienced and able to deliver quality results every time.
  • Transparent – We are straightforward with pricing and how we work with our clients.
  • Embracing technology – We utilise digital tools and technology to work efficiently with our clients.
  • Successful with campaigns – We are driven in what we do and can demonstrate results.
  • Focussed on knowledge sharing with clients – We want our clients to be confident that we will deliver the right results and sharing our expertise is a great way to ensure those businesses get the most from their marketing partner.
  • Flexible – We adapt easily to accommodate our clients’ needs.
  • Competitive – We offer attractive pricing without ever compromising on quality.

At ATW, we fully understand the importance of developing your business and achieving your goals and that is why we are transparent in how we work with you, not only in pricing, but on how we implement strategies to help your business succeed. We will continue to provide a full range of services to suit every online marketing need, from formulating digital strategies, through to website design, right through to training and support for in-house teams.

Businesses can be assured that with ATW they are working with an innovative partner that will invest time and resources into helping their business grow.

Have questions about what ATW can offer your business?

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