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The Power Of Visual Content – Should Your Business Be Using Infographics?

Infographics are a fairly new concept, right? Wrong. The concept of displaying information visually has been around for a long time; from Egyptian hieroglyphics to presenting data in the bar charts and line graphs we know today. We are visual creatures by nature – and so are your potential customers.Back in 2014, Toni wrote a piece on the ‘lynx effect’ of infographics, and 2 years on it appears this effect is what continues to make infographics so popular on the web.But should you jump on the infographic hype? Take a look at the benefits and potential [...]

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A Lesson in Content Creation and Generation for Your Web Marketing

Do you understand the importance of generating new, relevant and interesting content as part of your web marketing? In 2011 Google introduced their Panda algorithm update which meant that creating quality content became more important than ever. What this algorithm did is focus on content rich websites and ranks your website in a better position in their results based on authoritative content. Authoritative content is any content that you produce or share that can be defined as reliable and from a trustworthy source. As experts in your field your will be able to produce authoritative content as you can provide [...]

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Website Content Ideas – 10 Easy, Fast Ways to Generate Content for your Website

It goes without saying that quality content on a website is the most important thing to get right. From a user perspective – to capture and keep your audience, and from a web marketing point of view. I want to look at the different types of content that can be generated on a website to help you plan your content, think outside the box and get your creative juices flowing: […]

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