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Pay Per Click Advertising Management for Zusto

Zusto is a sugar substitute which replaces sugar on a 1:1 basis, offering several health benefits including significantly reduced calories, reduced fat and a low glycaemic index making the product diabetic friendly.


As a new franchise Zusto had limited brand awareness and no exposure to the UK market with no visibility in search results. The market was also saturated with other sugar substitute products and consumers were sceptical about new entrants.  The key challenge was brand awareness and the generation of sales.   Utilising Google Ads, ATW created a range of hyper targeted ad groups for relevant terms to reflect exactly what users were searching for.

Retargeting previous web visitors, display advertising and Google Shopping were also employed to ensure maximum visibility across the Google network and beyond.


Google Ads proved to be extremely successful in attracting consumers to test the product with many converting into repeat and loyal customers after tasting the product.  Google Ads continues to generate success for the business, attracts new customers and provides an excellent ROI month on month. The ongoing campaigns complement the wider business focus to develop relationships with commercial customers based on success to date with consumers.


New product enjoys immediate and continued success through Google Ads platform.

As a new product in the UK market, Google Ads has been an essential part of our marketing strategy, building brand awareness and generating sales which have gone on to become loyal customers.

Gary Foster

Managing DirectorZusto UK

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