Google has recently launched a new ‘people also search for’ feature which is now available on most desktops and some mobile devices.

This feature has been tested by Google since 2017 and shares similarities with the ‘people also ask’ feature, the difference being that this box made up of related queries presents itself after a user clicks back off a website.

Find out more about the new feature and how you can test it out below.

How Do I Use The New Feature?

Simple, enter a search term into Google and click on a result, then hit the back button.

On your return to the results page, you’ll notice a ‘people also search for’ box appears underneath the result you just visited, this box is full of related queries to your original one.

New SERP feature in Google added February 2018

Clicking on these results will not take you through to another URL but instead refresh your search term for the query you select.

Note that this feature is only present after you click on an organic search result, paid results remain unchanged.

It’s unclear whether this new feature will eventually replace the ‘people also ask’ box as they do serve a similar purpose. Currently, both features remain:

What Impact Will This Change Have?

Whilst the new feature doesn’t have any obvious or immediate impact on SEO, it does stress Google’s desire for good quality content and a better overall user experience whilst using the search engine.

Consider how your site looks in Google’s eyes if it is constantly displaying the ‘people also search for’ feature, indicating that users are finding your website content unsatisfactory to the query; a high bounce rate and low time on site is generally a sign that a change is needed.

Talk To The Experts

Google are constantly trialing and introducing new features, some of which can have an impact on your website. For this reason, it pays to be ahead of these changes before they come into play.

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