MD of All Things Web®, Helen Moloney, was delighted to present at the launch of BASDA’s (Business Application Software Developers Association) new Ability Specialist Interest Group.

With the deadline for public bodies to ensure they are complaint with accessibility legislation (PSBAR 2018) coming into force this September, it’s crucial that those organisations affected are fully aware and have implemented the necessary changes to their website and mobile apps.

The Importance of Inclusive Design

The launch saw industry expert Robin Christopherson, MBE – Head of Digital Inclusion at AbilityNet, illustrating the challenges some users have with current website functionality such as CAPTCHA codes and viewing websites on mobile phones.

Helen Moloney went on to outline what inclusive design looks like when building a website and how a website audit can assist organisations to understand the areas they may not be compliant in and what needs to be undertaken to achieve this.

Watch the Launch Highlights

Watch the highlights from the launch of the BASDA Ability Specialist Interest Group

Image with link to BASDA Ability Specialist Interest Group Launch webinar on YouTube

Changing the Culture of Organisations

Making our organisations, our interactions as well as our digital touchpoints such as websites, digital documents and apps accessible requires a change in culture. “In my role as Chair of the Marketing Specialist Interest Group,” says Helen, “I’m keen to see inclusive design and website accessibility being embraced by all businesses so that everyone can have the highest customer experience possible.”

Understanding the Accessibility of Your Website

If you are interested in understanding more about why it’s important to have an accessible website, what inclusive design is and the benefits of accessible digital content read more on our website accessibility page or contact us for a chat on 01285 50 55 50.