Work Experience KnowledgeMy name is Daniel Hopper, throughout this week I have been doing work experience at All Things Web®. The reason I chose this area of work is because I really enjoyed the advertising aspect of the media course I studied last year in school.

I aspire to work with marketing when I am older because of my interest in the creative and social media based sides of digital marketing. English has always been my favourite lesson at school and I am a keen writer, this is why I was eager to try and write my own blog post.

What I’ve Learned

Throughout my week at all things web I have learnt a lot of new skills, here are a few of the tasks I enjoyed undertaking during the week.

Social Media

This included finding interesting articles to post on behalf of clients, using social media tools to assist me and find relevant articles to each client’s industry; his has really helped me understand the use of social media in online marketing.

Flyer Creation

After sitting in on the company’s first ever seminar, I was asked to create a flyer for use at the next one. Using my Microsoft office skills I produced two flyers, one offering money off training, and the other an invitation to the next seminar.

Manning Phones

Manning the phones at the end of the week was a real confidence boost for me; it helped me improve my telephone communication skills and made me feel like a real part of the team. Having the opportunity to talk to some of our clients was a really good insight into how businesses work.

Keyword Research

Keyword research was another part of the experience I found interesting, seeing what had been frequently searched on search engines and uncovering keyword trends. Once I had completed keyword research for clients I imported them into an excel spreadsheet for later use.

My Work Experience Checklist

Based on my experience, here is a checklist of things you must remember whilst on your work experience.

  1. Plan your journey the day before you go to the company, check bus timetables, arrange lifts; nothing worse than being late on your first day!
  1. Know the background of the company, do some research into what they do, take a look at the website and try and look for an ‘about us’ page to find some information about the people you will be working with.
  1. Turn up with the correct attitude, embrace everything that you are doing, show enthusiasm and give a good first impression.
  1. Be sure of the dress code before you turn up, no trainers or tracksuits in an office environment.
  1. Make sure you choose a sector in which you are interested in, you will learn more if you’re interested and it prevents you being bored for a week!

All Things Web® MD, Helen Moloney said of my time with them,

“We were happy to support Warneford with its yr 10 work experience and are pleased that Dan has enjoyed his time with us this week.  He has certainly helped the team in a number of ways and demonstrated considerable maturity and knowledge for someone so young.  We certainly wish him well in his future career in digital marketing!”

After this whole experience I have learnt a lot and this has furthered my interest in the digital marketing industry when I am older, it has been extremely worthwhile. I would like to say thanks to the team at All Things Web® for my experience.