As a charity, ensuring our website and other digital content is as inclusive as possible is critical in enabling individuals and their families to access the support they need easily and quickly.

Having attended a talk by Helen Moloney, MD of All Things Web® about the importance of accessible and inclusive design, we asked them for an audit of our current website and online content.   We knew that accessibility had been considered when the website was originally built but a few years on, we wanted to understand where things stood and what if any further improvements could be made.

They provided a detailed report of the results of the audit highlighting those areas that required some further work and providing practical recommendations we could make to improve the experience for all visitors.  They understood that as a charity budgets can be restricted and so they focused on those areas that would have the most impact and also helped us to understand that accessibility should be seen as an ongoing journey rather than a one of task to be completed.  One that we are now fully embracing with our website and other online content.

We would highly recommend any business wanting to ensure their website and content was inclusive to have a conversation with the team at All Things Web®.