Job SearchingAre you struggling to capture your dream job due to not having the correct experience or are you a college student with no experience at all? This can be frustrating as you may be showing all of the correct passion and presenting the best qualifications for the role, but when it comes down to it, experience is the greatest qualification of all. So what’s the answer?

Apprentices can be defined as “a person who is learning a trade from a skilled organisation during employment”. Employers will not expect apprentices to have any experience which is why it’s the perfect opportunity to gain the necessary skills you require on the job. More often than not, an employer’s motive to hire an apprentice is to take someone fresh out of education and nurture them into the business to allow them to develop in their role alongside the organisation.

Deciding you want to find out more about apprenticeships, or even wanting to get one is great. But how do you do it? Hopefully the following 3 stages based on my own experience will help.

Stage 1: Get the information you need

According to Government statistics, in 2014/15, there were 499,900 apprenticeship starts in England which is 14% more than the previous year.

Whilst the internet is a phenomenal research tool, nothing compares to going out and doing some research in person, it also shows some additional drive and determination – something future employers will be looking for.

My Hunt

As I mentioned in a previous blog, Swindon’s Job Fest was my main investigation platform. As a casual event, I didn’t need to worry about the anxieties of formal dressing or acting a certain way. It was a very laidback event full of people that just wanted to help you rather than pitching their company. Finding out more about careers/ apprenticeships from an employer’s point of view was fascinating, and particularly helpful for future interviews. I would recommend the yearly event for any young person regardless of their future plans.

This was the event at which I first met, Green Labyrinth, who are now my training providers for my apprenticeship. This demonstrates how beneficial these events could be.

Stage 2: Finding ‘That’ Opportunity

I was very lucky to find a company like Green Labyrinth. After signing up with them, it was their role to find me a job. At the same time All Things Web® hired them to find an apprentice and so the process began. They sent me details of a couple of job opportunities but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Nevertheless, they continued to help me until they landed me this job here. The interview had two stages – an initial one with Green Labyrinth and a second with Director Helen Moloney and Marketing Executive Jess Lawrence. I’d like to say that didn’t make me nervous…

However, vacancies will also be advertised on the internet or through your local college so happy searching!

Stage 3: Interviews

As an optimist, chatterbox, and a bit of a show off, I thrive in any situation to babble away and make a spectacle of my hard earned trophies (theoretically of course). However, no matter how confident you are, interviews can be tough and so preparation is absolutely crucial.

No Second Chances to Make a First Impression

In a survey of 2,000 hiring managers, 33% claimed to know whether or not they would hire someone within 90 seconds. This can be anything from how you dress, act, walk through the door, to the quality of your voice and even down to having a weak handshake.

Confidence is key.

Sell Your Skills

As an aspiring apprentice, your employer isn’t expecting you to have stacks of interview practice but talk to friends, family or even just google interview skills. The amount of online advice is endless.

Employers are human too, so don’t forget to treat them like one. I made it very obvious I was a college student working a part-time job in a shoe shop, however, I also showed my immense passion to enter the world of marketing with All Things Web® and I demonstrated how I accumulated very relevant skills through other activities I have done out of employment. It obviously worked as I was successful and feedback from the team here about my interview has been very positive.

Half Way!

January the 20th (to be exact) marked my half way point! In just six months’ time I will be receiving my Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration and being released out of education and into full-time employment.

Like always, the team are absolutely fantastic and most certainly keeping me on my toes as we continue to grow as a digital marketing agency.

If you’re interested in finding out more about us, our growth as a company and finding out about our experiences with hiring our first apprentice, then feel free to contact us on 01285 50 55 50 – we’d be happy to arrange a coffee and a chat.