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Google Posts for Google My Business – What is it and how to use it?

Hopefully you have already registered your business on Google My Business. If not then before you carry on reading this blog post you need to ensure you are registered with Google My Business (GMB). Why not contact our team if you need help with this? If you already are then you may have noticed over the past few months that Google has slowly been rolling out a new feature for GMB for small business users that has caught our attention, and that is a new posts feature. When you log in to your GMB account (and select manage your location [...]

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Importance of a Website Audit for PPC Clients

As we have previously mentioned, maintaining the health of your website with a regular audit can ensure the effectiveness of your site and identify areas of improvement. And this process is as equally important for individuals and clients who are running or considering running, pay per click (PPC) campaigns. […]

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Our Top 10 Tips to Ensure you Fail at Content Marketing

From infographics and blogging to podcasts and videos, there are a multitude of ways to create great content. In fact, Content Marketing can very successfully tap into the stages of buying by raising awareness of potential results and educating your audience about a product, service or subject matter they may never have heard of before. In addition, such marketing methods enable greater customer support as you aid individuals in getting more from their product and/or service. However, the rapid rise of web content has come with a  host of experts who range from completely qualified to less than able to [...]

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Why you should Use Analytics, Search Console & Google My Business and What to Do If you can’t Access Your Google Account

So many times we have had a new client come on board and they have said I don’t have, don’t realise they have or don’t remember the password to their Analytics, Search Console or Google My Business Account. As a Digital Marketing agency this is one of the first things we look at with new clients because we understand the importance of having these systems set up, and, of course, have access to.But with a recent surge in clients not having access to their accounts, I realised that many businesses don’t necessarily understand the importance of [...]

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The Email Marketing Barricade: The Importance of a Great Subject Line in Your Emails

When it comes to your email marketing, you might think how hard can it really be to write an email? Most of us send many on a daily basis. But it is harder than you think, writing the right content and more importantly creating that perfect subject line is a difficult task. But why does it even matter? Just imagine this. Before your recipients choose to open your email, there is a giant 100ft wall standing between your content and them. Your recipients aren’t even going to attempt to get over that wall without a little help, without that key [...]

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5 Ways to Annoy Your Subscribers with Email Marketing

Poor email marketing practices over the years has resulted  in many businesses being put off it as a channel as part of their marketing strategy. There is an art to email marketing just like many other marketing techniques and if you get it right then it can be very effective for businesses across many sectors. This month I am revealing some of the common ways that poor email marketing practices   annoy subscribers. […]

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A Lesson in Content Creation and Generation for Your Web Marketing

Do you understand the importance of generating new, relevant and interesting content as part of your web marketing? In 2011 Google introduced their Panda algorithm update which meant that creating quality content became more important than ever. What this algorithm did is focus on content rich websites and ranks your website in a better position in their results based on authoritative content. Authoritative content is any content that you produce or share that can be defined as reliable and from a trustworthy source. As experts in your field your will be able to produce authoritative content as you can provide [...]

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Our Top Pick of Social Media Scheduling Tools

Are you a social marketer struggling to keep an eye on all your clients varying platforms? Attempting to juggle each social account can be troublesome and particularly time consuming for anyone with social thoughts raging throughout the day. When should I post? Did I favourite that tweet? When is the best time to send this out? With the need to post relevant content multiple times a day with numerous objectives in mind social media management can be a bit of a headache. Fortunately we live in a world where scheduling tools are readily available to lend a helping hand. [...]

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5 Reasons why your Social Media Traffic isn’t Converting

Social media has become a popular marketing tool for businesses but is your business seeing the benefits? If you are investing time, effort and money into a social media campaign then you expect to see results, whether it is monetary through sales or just building general awareness for your business and brand.  If you are currently wondering whether all of the social activity is worth it, read on…….we’ve come up with our top 5 reasons why social media traffic isn’t converting. Your Overall Social Media Campaign is not effective Overall campaign activity isn’t right for the audience you want to [...]

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