As of September 2019, campaign budget optimisation on Facebook ads will be the fixed default option and all those ads that aren’t already using it will be changed. For us, this is great – fantastic news! For someone not so digital marketing savvy, this might all be a bit of gobbledy goop.

Read my jargon-free explanation to Facebook advertising with campaign budget optimisation.

What is a Facebook Campaign Budget Optimisation?

When you’re creating adverts on Facebook, you have three levels; campaign level, ad set level and ad level.

Campaign Budget Optimisation Facebook - All Things Web®

At the moment, you can decide how your budget is spent on Facebook by adding your chosen budget at ad set level. However, campaign budget optimisation allows you to set a budget at campaign level and Facebook (in all it’s wisdom and magic!) will decide what ad will work best where – therefore optimising the ads to get the most conversions (or engagement or clicks. Whichever you’ve set the ad to focus on).

Campaign optimisation was launched just over a year ago as an option, however, from the beginning of September, it will be a fixed default that can’t be turned off.

If, like me, you need to see a diagram to get your head around it, take a look at the example below.

Campaign Budget Optimisation Campaign - All Things Web®

If, for example, you have £30 to spend on a campaign, without using campaign budget optimisation, this budget will be set at ad set level. This means Facebook will spend an equal amount on each ad set regardless of its performance. As you can see, this option is even across all ad sets but resulted in less conversions.

However, if you use campaign budget optimisation, Facebook will adjust your budget for each ad set based on the performance of all your ads. More budget will be allocated to the ads which perform best and result in more conversions.

Why not have a go at it now!

Don’t wait until September to start using campaign budget optimisation on your Facebook advertising, start testing it now so you will know exactly what works for your business by the time it becomes the only budget allocation setting.

If you don’t even know where to start with Facebook advertising, let alone budget optimisation, we can help you. We offer 1-2-1 social media training sessions for your business.

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