How to Improve your Online Reputation with Social Media?

Social media is an excellent platform to strengthen your company’s online reputation. The more visible, active and transparent your brand is the more likely you are to succeed. Customers prefer buying from brands they know “everything” about. The first step to strengthen your reputation on social media is to try to get into your customer’s head. When you look at a brand name, what questions come into your mind? Some of the most common questions relating to a brand include: Do I trust this brand? Do they provide accurate information? Are they credible? Do I want to find out more [...]

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Why Failing to Add Client Testimonials is Reducing the Effectiveness of your Online Content Marketing

Here's why testimonials should be a fundamental part of your content marketing strategy.

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Marketing For Businesses – Outsource or In-House?

For many businesses, a fundamental question they will address at some point is whether they should keep their marketing in-house or outsource to an agency.On one hand, in-house training is an investment for the future but requires time and financial investments, and on the other, outsourced marketing gives you access to a team of dedicated professionals, but does little for your staff’s development in terms of marketing experience.With so many different aspects of marketing to consider, let’s take a look at the benefits and potential pitfalls of both outsourced and in-house marketing. […]

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Multi Touch Attribution Uses Explained

One of the best parts of online marketing is that every effort is trackable and measurable. Marketers can see which online campaigns are working and where to apportion more budget. But even with tracking capabilities there can still be a question over which method of delivery is responsible for a conversion if a consumer has visited a website a number of times via different channels. As a marketer, for example, you may consider the first visit (touch point) to be the channel that takes the glory for the sale, even if the visitor returned several times and bought through a [...]

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A Guide To Getting Your Google My Business Listing Right

Have you Googled your business lately? Were you happy with the results displayed to you? If not, would you prefer to see a display that instantly gives potential customers your location with directions, hours of operation, contact details and a link to your website all in one place? Thanks to Google My Business, now you can. A free marketing tool that connects both mobile and desktop customers to businesses, find out more on what makes GMB so beneficial to business, and how to get your business listing right. […]

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The Importance of Citations for Local Search Engine Rankings

A question that many businesses ask; is how to rank locally for their chosen search terms. Google has over 250 ranking factors in its sophisticated algorithm, some better known than others. Getting citations for your business online is a part of local search strategy and is identified as being a key ranking factor. However remember that doing citations alone will not cover all of the factors that need to be addressed in your local strategy. […]

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The Email Marketing Barricade: The Importance of a Great Subject Line in Your Emails

When it comes to your email marketing, you might think how hard can it really be to write an email? Most of us send many on a daily basis. But it is harder than you think, writing the right content and more importantly creating that perfect subject line is a difficult task. But why does it even matter? Just imagine this. Before your recipients choose to open your email, there is a giant 100ft wall standing between your content and them. Your recipients aren’t even going to attempt to get over that wall without a little help, without that key [...]

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